Why You Must Have Car Insurance All the Time

Believe it or not, there are a growing number of motorists that have decided that it is no longer in their best interest to carry an insurance policy for their car. Even though this can be illegal, many feel that it is an expense that they are not able to afford for the time being. The thing is though, it is one of those things that you simply have to learn to be able to afford, such as food. It is something that you cannot go without if you are currently driving your car on the road.

If you were to find yourself caught driving without the proper legal insurance, you might find yourself in a lot of money. This is not something that you want to have happen. Still though, there are a lot of people out there who think that they are such excellent drivers that they will never have to worry about getting caught driving without the legally required insurance. Just think of all of the terrible things that could happen. Would you really want to see yourself in such a position?

However, even if you never get pulled over by the police, what would happen if you were to be the cause of an accident, because you served to avoid hitting a dog or maybe even a child? Most likely it will then be found out that you do not have the legal cover that you are allowed to have. You will want to make sure that you are never allowing of this to ever come about. To avoid all of this, simply make sure that you have the required insurance.

Another thing to consider, even if you did not get into legal trouble, you could end up in a lot of financial trouble. If your actions caused damage to someone else’s property, you are going to be expected to pay for that. If you were already having a tough time as it is, then you would find yourself really hard pressed should someone suddenly be coming after you for the money they need to fix their car.

As you can see, having car insurance all of the time is simply something that you have to have. This way, you will be completely covered and safe from financial and legal harm. In order to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible on the car insurance that you need, do try to make sure that you are taking a little bit of time out of your day to comparison shop for the policies.

If you happen to find out later that you did not exactly get the policy that you would have liked to have had, you can always shop around again. Simply start the process all over again. In fact, it has been suggested in the past that you look for better cover at least once every couple of years. This will make sure that you are always getting the best deals possible.

The Benefits of Having a Family Life Events Legal Plan

Pre-paid legal services can be a very attractive alternative to hiring a lawyer for many people or companies. If you have a lawsuit, you are victim of scam, fraud and want to file a complaint or if you simply want a lawyer’s advice, you can use your prepaid legal plan fulfill your legal needs.

Prepaid legal plans do exist for both individuals and companies. A prepaid legal service is unlikely to meet the needs of a large company, but it is very appropriate for a small business.

So what are the benefits going pre-paid compared to conventional hire of lawyers?

Benefit Number 1: Cost-Effective Lawyers’ fees are too expensive for most people Prepaid legal plans can take the sting out of hiring a lawyer. Lawyers’ fees are too expensive for most people: you can run bills of thousands of dollars and this is simply out of reach of most working and middle-class families. With pre-paid plans, what you get charged is more in line with what you pay for your health or home insurance. Plans start as low as $9 per month and typically don’t exceed the $30 mark.

Benefit Number 2: Simplicity: There is a number of very complicated set of fees lawyers charge: contingency fees, flat fees, statutory fees and hourly rates. In the case of contingency and statutory fees, you have to get into the intricate details of how these fees are computed – say for a contingency fee how much is the lawyer’s commission? – and their regulatory nature – who regulates the statutory fee and how do I know if these fees are in line with regulatory guidelines?

The other two types of fees can be equally as complex. Increasingly, attorneys choose to incorporate any overheads they incur, like secretarial expenses, parking charges and travel fees into their flat and hourly fees. They can also set a minimum number of billing units, like three tenths of an hour (18 minutes), irrespective of how long it takes them to deal with your problem.

This is just a sample rundown of what might influence the various fees charged by lawyers, other factors and arrangements can apply too. Contrast this with the simplicity in which pre-paid legal services are priced and furnished. The process is simple and straightforward: you sign an agreement to pay a fixed monthly fee and that’s about it. If what you’re looking for is not covered, your plan provider will give you a prior notice of a different billing so that you know exactly how much you will be charged.

Benefit Number 3: Pre-emptive Law: Pre-paid plans offer usually unlimited phone consultation and advice. This aspect of the service can save you a lot of trouble, money and time in the future. Most legal problems you are likely to face in your day-to-day life can be solved if you take the necessary steps in line with the law. With the right advice and consultation with your lawyer, you can detect legal blunders before they occur and hence minimize the risk of litigation and protection.

Benefits of a pre-paid group insurance for a company

Some companies offer pre-paid legal plans as part of the fringe benefits they offer to their employees. One such plan is pre-paid group insurance. This is a low cost service, easily administered and it has a high perceived value for the employees.

The first benefit employers expect from legal insurance plans is increased productivity and efficiency. Today’s employees are interested in a variety of benefits to balance their work with their life requirements. Given that most American household had an issue with law last year that might have led them to hire a lawyer, it’s only normal that a legal benefit would increase employees’ morale and efficiency.

Having legal benefit as part of a work-benefit package can help the company recruit and retain the best employees. In this age of work-benefit hysteria, many prospective employment candidates base their career choices on the set of benefit package provided by employers.

Cost containment is another benefit. With less time and resources to be used for personal matters, the company expects to make significant savings on administrative costs.

Overall, pre-paid legal plans look like an excellent solution to face the majority of your legal concerns.

Errors & Omissions Insurance Won’t Protect Your Financial Career

Financial Advisors and Financial Service Professionals are mandated to carry Errors & Omissions Insurance, but unfortunately this will not protect your career or credibility should something go wrong. A highly capable and qualified financial advisor I know was recently investigated due to the fraudulent actions of one of her clients. Even though it was later discovered that she was in no way connected to her client’s crime, the process for proving her innocense cost her the career she spent years building. Her licenses were suspended for nearly four months while an investigation was conducted by the SEC, NASD and her broker/dealer. During this investigation, she was not permitted to contact her clients. Yet, those conducting the investigation did contact every single one of her clients, asking some very detailed information. Immediately, more than 75% of her clients jumped ship. Her Errors & Omissions Insurance could not protect her, but there is a solution.

I recently met a financial advisor and sales manager for a Fortune 100 company who described an amazing service — Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (USA) and Pre-Paid Legal Care of Canada Corporation (Canada), something I had heard of before but was rather skeptical of. He mentioned how he recommends that every single advisor and agent in his company MUST carry PPL’s services as a means to properly protect their business and career. During a recent investigation in his office, this sales manager had an agent who was notified that a complaint had been filed. Fortunately, the agent did keep very good records and files. But, because he also had a PPL membership he was able to have one of the best law firms in the state at his disposal to review and advise him of his legal rights. It was quickly discovered that the agent had followed proper procedures but that his client had declined a disability insurance policy only later to have filed a complaint that no such offer was given after the client injured himself on the job. PPL’s law firm quickly stepped in and wrote a letter to all parties concerned. It was estimated that the low-cost legal insurance monthly fee of $26 this advisor paid saved him $1,000 in retainer fees plus $600 for the letter drafted and mailed to all parties, as well as possibly saving him his career and credibility from further investigation and suspension.

I told this story to a Vice President from a leading Canadian national financial advising and insurance provider. The entire company is considering this service for all their advisors. It seems to be a service worth checking out.

How to Save Money Handling Your Own Legal Matter

“Sixty percent of bankruptcies and seventy-five percent of divorces in California are done without lawyers,” according to Do It Yourself Documents, a self-help legal book and kit retailer. With the availability of so many quality self-help legal resources today, it has never been easier to handle your own legal matter. I will tell you what self-help resources are available and how to use them.

Although the information I am about to give you is based on research and experience, always remember that only a lawyer is qualified to give you sound legal advice. I am not a lawyer, but I have worked extensively in this field. Use any of the products and services I mention here at your own risk.

You have several choices when trying to handle a legal matter without a lawyer. You can do the matter entirely on your own with a self-help book or kit; you can handle the matter with aid from an independent paralegal or legal assistance program; you can handle the matter through a program such as Pre-Paid Legal Services.


The market is saturated with self-help legal books and kits. Which ones can you trust? HALT, an organization of Americans for legal reform, has reviewed many popular self-help guides. On their website, you can find their “Do It Yourself” section, which has helpful product reviews. In general, I will save you time and tell you HALT repeatedly recommends products from Nolo Press. All of Nolo’s books and software are created by lawyers and are updated constantly. I also recommend products from Alpha Publications. I do not recommend products from Info America or similar publishers.

Kits and books you want to stay away from are those that are not updated frequently and not written by experts. Make sure the book or kit has a help-line from the publisher you can call if you need assistance. Also, does the kit/book include the forms you need? Does the kit/book have a CD-Rom so you can type the forms on your computer? Remember, you get what you pay for.

Before you buy anything, however, I recommend you check your state court system’s website because many states provide both forms and basic instructions for free. For a complete list of state-specific resources, try DoItYourselfDocuments.com. On the left side of their homepage, find your state on the drop down menu, then scroll to the bottom of the page for your state.

If there is a state-specific version of the kit or book you want, buy that one. For example, there are many national divorce kits intended for use in all 50 states. I have never seen one of these books or kits that was useful.


Independent paralegals are paralegals that do not work under the supervision of attorneys. In California, independent paralegals are licensed, bonded, and use the title “Legal Document Assistants.” Currently, California is the only state to regulate independent paralegals. For the California Association of Legal Document Assistants, visit their website at http://www.calda.org

An independent paralegal can provide you with the forms you need for many routine legal matters and assist you with filing your documents. Typically, independent paralegals are knowledgeable about local court rules and other nuisances you may not find in a self-help book or kit. The price? Usually, 1/3 of what you’d pay for an attorney.

If you live outside of California, be sure you hire an independent paralegal with a paralegal certificate from an American Bar Association approved school. Many times, independent paralegals with 15 years of experience or more do not have these certificates because they were not needed years ago. You may want to ask the independent paralegal what, if any, continuing education s/he obtains over the course of a year to stay up-to-date on training. Also, how long, if at all, s/he worked under the supervision of an attorney to gain the required knowledge to assist you. Finally, ask if the independent paralegal is a member of a professional association or has any special certifications.

There is only one national independent paralegal franchise to my knowledge, and that is We The People. We The People does not require their owners or operators to have paralegal certificates; however, they do provide in-depth training from the company on all the types of legal matters that they cover. We The People has been in business for over 20 years.

Like the independent paralegals described above, there are also “attorney assisted” independent paralegals. These attorney-assisted paralegals typically perform the same services as traditional independent paralegals but have an attorney proofread their documents or oversee their work in some way. Prices are typically about the same or slightly higher than traditional independent paralegals.

As for legal assistance programs, most states have “paperwork helpers” in the courthouse to assist you. In California, these are called Family Law Facilitators. These programs are free to everybody; they are not legal aid, which is only available to people with low incomes. There are also occasionally programs through local civic groups, such as the YMCA, that provide similar assistance.


There are many types of legal insurance, but the most established is Pre-Paid Legal Services ( http://www.prepaidlegal.com ) For about $25-$30 a month, you can call a “provider law firm” and get legal advice on any matter. If you decide to use the “provider law firm” to handle a legal matter on your behalf, you typically receive some kind of discount. Some programs include free preparation of a Last Will and Testament for you and your spouse. Like any insurance, you can cancel your membership at any time.

If you wanted to do a more complex legal matter on your own, you could obtain a pre-paid legal membership and call your provider law firm any time you had a concern. If desired, cancel your membership when your legal matter was resolved. Be very sure that each time you call your provider law firm, you make it clear that you are not calling about the same thing you previously called about. They will charge you if you do. Be very specific and say, “I have called about this issue before, but I have a new concern…” Be prepared to wait a day or two for the provider law firm to call you back with your requested advice or information.

Many employers offer pre-paid legal insurance as a benefit. Before you sign up, be sure to check with your employer–it may be completely free to you.