Prepaid Legal Scam – Is it True?

Is prepaid legal a scam? This is one of the most popular network marketing companies around, so it’s only natural that people would want to know the legitimacy of the business before getting involved.

The reality is, this is a very legitimate opportunity. Many people are earning six figure incomes with them currently. However, don’t buy into the “get rich quick” message they preach.

Like any network marketing company, you will hear how you can start earning a six figure income the day you sign up, which I guess is technically true. However, the reality is, making any money right away, let alone a huge income, is not feasible unless you have previous selling experience.

Sure, some people do come on and start making a killing their week in the business, but what you don’t hear about them is that they had previous selling experience and probably a ton of money to invest in advertising.

If you are like most people, it will take you a while to start making a substantial income, so don’t plan on quitting your day job immediately after joining. Also, you need to make sure you have money available for advertising and for getting started.

With that disclaimer, what are you actually going to be doing with the company? You will be selling legal insurance, and this works basically like auto or home insurance.

Legal fees are notoriously expensive, so rather than shelling out those thousands of dollars for a one-time fee, you can pay Prepaid Legal a monthly fee and save money (so they claim), although this is highly debatable.

How much coverage you will get is dependent on how much you pay per month. The cheapest coverage typically only covers the most basic legal services, such as traffic tickets, how to write up a will, and it’s all done over the phone. There is a limited amount of phone calls you can make them.

The more you pay per month, the more services you get. Even if you get the most basic coverage, you still receive a discounted price should you need a larger service performed.

I know you are more interested in the opportunity than the product, but understanding the product is essential to knowing how the business works and whether you want to get involved or not.

Most people don’t use legal services that much, and so the amount they will save is minimal, if anything. That’s why distributors for the company primarily market the business opportunity, and the majority only get the legal insurance in order to get involved with the money making opportunity.

While it might be unfair to call Prepaid Legal a scam or bad deal, keep in mind that there’s not much benefit much from legal insurance, and it’s probably going to cost you more in the long run with it than without.