The Need For Legal Counsel in America

When it comes to protecting your family what are the things you consider the most in terms of achieving your goals. Is it a beefed up life and health insurance policy, home insurance or financial security? If it is anyone of these or a combination of insurance policies and your family’s financial security, then you are not thinking far enough in terms of protecting your family.

In today’s litigious society, you can have all the insurance policies to cover you and your family’s life and medical expenses, home and all of life necessities. However, what if you were sued today what type of coverage you have to cover your legal expenses. Currently, a legal insurance plan does not exist and it is not mandatory in North America or Canada to have a legal insurance plan policy. However, it is better to have one in place than to not have one when you are faced with the need for one.

I know – you may feel that you have never needed an attorney and you do not think you will need one in the future. However, I am sure that throughout your adult life you will have needed an attorney but you may not realize that an attorney could help you to have peace-of-mind when it comes down to you going to court for a traffic ticket, settling a dispute with your land lord, Insurance agency, or a retail establishment. You should use an attorney when buying a house or signing any documents or forms. In short, you should use an attorney when making big decisions that affects you and your family’s lives.

OK, do you see the need for an attorney – but what about the high cost of using an attorney to handle life’s events and situations? Well, at today’s prices for attorneys, you could pay anywhere from $200 an hour or more. I know – this is a huge deterrent for average people to use an attorney on a more frequent basis. If there was a way to make having an attorney more accessible to you when you and your family need one without having to worry about the cost would you use the service?